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 Albert was born in Detroit Michigan and is a part of a family that has a strong musical heritage. He first learned music by way of the saxophone at the age of ten. Later in the same year he began drumming. At age 12 (2000) he started performing as a professional musician in the Tampa Bay area and still continues doing so to this day.


  Early musical influences were many sides of the jazz genre. John Coltrane, Pat Metheny, Brad Mehldau, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, and Joshua Redman were just some of the music personalities that helped to shape Albert's musical tastes and playing style at an early age. Besides the strong connection to jazz, he also takes influences from R&B, Hip Hop, Metal, Rock, and Electronic music.  These influences can be heard as he performs behind a drumkit or in any of his musical productions.


The name Newbeat was adopted from having the reputation for continuous new beat dropping.








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